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A Trip To Diu

Hey guys, So here I am Back in town from a 3 Day trip to Diu. A coastal town, with green fields and cool breeze coming from the beaches.

On first day, I went to the Nagoa Beach, as the name suggests it wasn't Goa (lol), well, it was pretty good, but its terrain was rocky, therefore, i didn't had that much fun there.

But, Next Day, I went to Ghoghla Beach which was way more good than the previous beach, I also collected some sea shells Since, it is my one of the hobbies. And don't even ask me about the temperature it was 35 degree celsius there.

At last day of the visit, I did water sports at the Ghoghla Beach, which were:

1. Quad Bike Ride:

I rode a Quad Bike on the Beach, which was an awesome experience, the muscular sound of the bike, was just amazing!!

2. Jet Ski Ride:

The best part of the whole trip was the Jet Ski ride, I never ever rode a Jet Ski and was first time riding it, And it just BLEW my mind, The speed and the HUGE jumps of The Ski was PHENOMENAL, you require a great hand potential to get a grip on the handle because of sudden jerks...

So, this was all about my trip in next post I will Talk about my Diu Trip

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